Brand strategy

A strong brand strategy differentiates your brand from other players in the market.

What does your brand stand for? What is the story behind it? What and where is your target audience located? You want to create a connection between target group and your brand. And that's not just about functional (e.g. service, price) but rather a deeper, emotional connection. Because: Choices for brands are driven by needs. 

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Simply put, your brand strategy is the course your brand is taking towards as much positive impact as possible.

The tighter you follow this course, the faster you will achieve a strong, solid brand. Hence, a top brand strategy requires razor-sharp choices. It's focus, focus and more focus, right where it needs to be. Every piece of your work has to fit together perfectly, down to the smallest details.

The end goal of brand strategy? To capture that perfect place in people's minds and hearts. But not just any place - a relevant, irreplaceable place. After all, as a brand, you not only want to live your core values, but also share them with an audience that shares the same values and beliefs. This is how you create truly profound connections, forge brand ambassadors and boost your impact to the maximum. This is not how you build customers, no, this is how you build a community around your brand!

Together we come up with a strong brand strategy

We tackle that with a strategic session where, thanks to the Brand Key Model, we establish the essence of your brand. We also call this the key to a successful brand strategy.

What you need is a clear view and a critical attitude. And On The Rocks, of course. During this session, we will examine various topics together. Why exactly does your target group choose your product or service? What core values do you have or which core values suit you? What insights drive your approach?

It's not rocket science, but it's a must to ultimately achieve more than a one-dayer.

Brand strategy as a starting point.

We capture your unique brand strategy in the brand book. This serves as an inspiring brand handbook, providing guidance and direction for all communications. It starts with the brand positioning, but can later be expanded to include brand design: corporate identity elements such as logo, typography, imagery and colours. And clarifies internally and externally what your brand stands for. It is the starting point for all communication.

Good to know! Brand strategy is not a static, cast-in-concrete plan that you set up and implement all at once. It is an ongoing process. After all, the world is constantly changing and your brand also evolves through the steps you take. That is why it is also important to monitor and evaluate your brand (strategy) once in a while. 

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