making an impact.

Whether shooting a corporate video, a trailer or creating a flashy animation: it has to have impact and/or be distinctive!

At On The Rocks, we think strategically about creating the right content, but also definitely about its deployment. We believe that you get nothing from a good video without well-thought-out deployment of it. 

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Combining video and text for dynamic imagery.

Images and language, each powerful in their own way. Where images evoke emotions that words cannot capture, words can dive into the depths where images stop. But mix the two, and you create a dynamic visual language - one that touches the heart and effectively conveys your brand's story. This is the power of video.

From the brand strategy, fire design and a concept, we build a visual language that manages to trigger the right emotion around your brand. Not only to tell your story, but also to stand out.

Videography offers countless creative possibilities our videographers and creative directors have listed some of them.

  • Corporate film
  • Brandmovie
  • Commercial
  • Recruitment videos
  • Video clips
  • Animations
  • Recap/aftermovie
  • Social video
  • You name it! 
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