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In America, they are already the market leader. It is up to On The Rocks to realise this position within Europe.


Realising the position as market leader in America also within Europe. Caplugs has acquired several separate companies in Europe. It was up to us to show the size of Caplugs Europe through a video campaign. With this, we introduce potential customers to the Caplugs brand and its capabilities.


  • 1 Brandmovie
  • 2 Corporate videos
  • 2 Recruitment videos 
  • 6 Several countries visited


Video 1

Caplugs' European facilities and brand essence, core values, commitment to perfection in the spotlight.

Video 2

A look at Caplugs' extensive range of caps, plugs and masking products - a showcase of its broad product line.

Video 3

Spotlight on our range of hose protection and spirals, highlighting quality and reliability.

How we did it?

As Caplugs' executive partner, we created an emotional connection through proper segmentation and targeting of the European audience, which led to a rock-solid video production.

We offer a unique insight into European production facilities and their expertise. Our successful brand story highlights Caplugs' innovations in Europe and was proudly launched at Hannover Messe 2023 through three powerful videos. 

From there, we continued with the European marketing approach, including a Brandmovie, Company photos, Product photos & Recruitment campaign.

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