DNA & culture.

We are ON THE ROCKS®. Nijmegen-based award-winning video agency, creating powerful visual content for the brands of tomorrow.

Sanne van Heumen

Project Manager Marketing

Guus Raaijmakers

Video Editor

Job van den Heuvel

Full-Stack developer

Bas Pepperzak

Creative director & Co-Owner

Edvin Salesevic

Web developer

Wesley Dijkstra

Senior Account Manager

Thijs Geertsen

Videographer / Photographer

True or false?

"Four members of OTR also have music careers?"

That's true! 

Ritchie van de Graaf

New Business Manager & Co-Owner


Water skiing is one of the successes we have not had with team OTR.

Stijn de Winter

Videographer / Photographer

Mehdi Hamadani

Junior content creator

Leander van Sluis

Junior content creator

Jet Dillerop

Art director

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Sten de Bruijn

Videographer / Photographer

True or false?

Work hard, play harder is in our DNA

That's true! How that looks?

Pepijn van Deursen

Junior account manager

Bram van Roosmalen

Creative director & Co-Owner

Annemijn Peters Sengers

Junior content creator

A young creative team in the oldest city of the Netherlands.

With ON THE ROCKS, we have an important goal. Namely, we want to live in a world where brands inspire the new generation.

Brands make a difference. They bear responsibility. And we lend them a hand.

We have been doing this through moving images since 2019. With this, we connect brands with their communities.

Values at our culture.


Always giving more than people expect. Because, we prefer to work with brands full of ambition and fighting spirit: we have that too. And only when we give everything and... just that little bit extra, then our customers notice the difference.

Work hard, play harder.

In our flashy office in Nijmegen, people work extremely hard - in Nijmegen style. But we also race Mario Kart and play table tennis. Because that balance makes our close-knit team of specialists go for gold for our customers every day.

Find a better way.

The world is constantly changing. Our team is therefore looking for the better way to perform, grow, learn and frolic every day. As a result, we are necessarily at the forefront of trends and developments.

Be quick, don't rush it.

Speed and efficiency are our focus, but never at the expense of quality. After all, results are what count and the word 'rush' does not fit in with that. That is why we work in a structured and measurable way, maximising returns for our customers.