communication campaigns

that drive your target audience to action.

What drives your target audience? How does your brand touch their needs and desires? How do you convey your message in an impactful way? Which marketing channels do you make the most of?

In short: developing effective, appealing and coherent communication campaigns that perfectly resonate and activate at and with your target audience.

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Activate your target group. Through clever campaigning.

There are numerous factors that contribute to the success of a campaign: defined target audience, message, strategy, channels, timing, budget and, of course, the creative concept.

We are convinced of the importance of targeted campaigning. Not an unfocused approach, but targeted and effective. We achieve this by using data, innovative tools and the right channels. Continuous optimisation based on results are the keys to success for us.

What do you want your campaign to achieve?

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Get inspired. Proud! That's what we are of our partners. And more importantly: of the results we have achieved with them. Because that is the core of our work!

Frequently asked questions

Effective strategies for recruitment campaigns include creating activating ads, leveraging social media, using email marketing, organising events and collaborating with influencers.

To generate leads, you can use various tactics such as content marketing, landing pages with lead generation forms, social media ads, search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

A campaign that drives behavioural change must respond to the target audience's emotions, needs and values. Use compelling messages, clear call-to-actions, and ensure a strong story that connects with the target audience's perceptions.

The best channels depend on your target audience, goals and budget. Possible channels include social media, email marketing, content marketing, influencers, PR, events, offline ads and online ads (such as Google Ads).

Conversion optimisation can be achieved through A/B testing, personalisation, lead nurturing (via email, phone or social media), clear call-to-actions and improving the user experience on your website.

Use segmentation and analyse your target audience's data to understand what appeals to them. Create customised content, ads and messages that match the specific needs and interests of each segment.

Set KPIs (key performance indicators) that align with your campaign goals. Monitor and analyse these KPIs using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, social media analytics and CRM systems.

Activation campaign:

  • Nike's "Find Your Greatness" campaign inspired people to discover their personal potential and engage in sports. We call this ambush marketing, 2012 Olympics
  • Dove's "Dove Real Beauty" campaign broke with traditional beauty norms and encouraged women to take pride in their natural looks.


Lead generation:

  • The HubSpot Inbound Marketing campaign offered valuable content and tools, such as e-books, webinars and blog posts, to generate leads and attract potential customers.
  • The American Express OPEN Forum campaign created an online community with educational content for small businesses, resulting in an increase in leads and customers.


Behaviour change campaigns:

  • Sport England's "This Girl Can" campaign encouraged women to exercise more, regardless of age, appearance or experience, resulting in a significant increase in sports participation.
  • The "Truth" anti-smoking campaign in the US targeted young people and used shocking facts and emotional stories to discourage smoking, contributing to a decline in smoking rates.


These examples show that successful campaigns use appealing, relevant and emotionally charged messages to capture the target audience's attention and influence their behaviour.