WordPress & Elementor

WordPress provides the foundation for your brand new website. It is our go-to choice for developing almost all our websites. Over the years, we have built up considerable expertise in WordPress, so there are no secrets or limitations for us. As the world's largest Content Management System (CMS), WordPress offers numerous advantages. 

Combined with Elementor, the possibilities are limitless.

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Customised or just with one of our 30+ proprietary templates.

Both options produce a unique website that meets your specific needs.

Our templates are a time-saving and cheaper solution. They provide a solid foundation on which we can build further. Designed with an eye for detail and functionality, our templates are fully customised to your brand. 

With customisation in contrast, we start from scratch. We start at the drawing board, brainstorming the web design and take a close look at each element. We recommend customisation if you have been around for a while and have one or more goals attached to your website. With customisation, we deliver a website that is completely unique to your business and focuses on conversion. 

In our intake, we will give you advice: which direction will be best for you. 

Templates, you should avoid that, right?

At On The Rocks, we have developed a range of proprietary templates that completely transform the traditional idea of templates. Whereas previously templates were sometimes seen as limiting or inferior to customisation, we have completely reversed this notion.

Our templates are built with the cleanest code, resulting in an efficient, fast and secure website. We have built them from the ground up with the best coding practices and a deep understanding of SEO. This ensures that your website not only looks and functions great, but also performs optimally in search engine results.

Moreover, our templates are fully customisable. They provide a solid foundation that can be shaped to your specific needs. This means you get the efficiency and convenience of a template, without sacrificing individuality or functionality.

When should I opt for customisation?

Unique Functionalities: If your website needs specific functionalities or features that are not available by default in existing templates, customisation is the best choice. It allows you to implement unique features and integrations that are essential to your business.

Exclusive Branding: If it is important that your website has a completely unique look to reinforce your brand identity, customisation offers the flexibility to customise every detail of the design to suit your brand.

Complexity: If your website requires multiple layers or a complex structure, customisation can be the most effective way to ensure that your site remains user-friendly and logically organised.

Future Growth: If you expect your website to grow or change significantly in the future, customisation can give you the flexibility needed to accommodate this growth and change.

In all these situations, customisation can allow you to create a website that is fully tailored to your specific needs and goals. It is an investment that can result in a website that not only meets your current requirements, but is also ready for future growth and changes.


In 'The Digital Age' where everything is about speed and efficiency, a lightning-fast website is essential. Our websites not only look delicious, but they also go like a rocket!

Manage your own website.

We always design our websites for self-management, but are always ready to make adjustments if you prefer.

Google-proof SEO/SEA

Being found is and remains incredibly important. At On The Rocks, we keep a close eye on developments around the search engines; your website is 100% search engine-proof!

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