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We develop a sleek webshop with all the trimmings. One that is incredibly user-friendly, both for you and your customers. One that allows you to add, modify and delete products in a child-friendly way. And one that your customers want to order from! With the right copywriting, a unique design and the right SEO-background, you will be off to a flying start with your brand new web shop.

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First bang with a top webshop, then score with strong marketing!

A webshop does not put itself in the spotlight - which is why we first put our energy into developing a powerful, user-friendly webshop that entices visitors to stay and discover its products or services.

Our web shops are built in the most dynamic CMS systems: Lightspeed or WooCommerce or Shopify. We choose a CMS system that fits your business perfectly.

Then we make managing and adding products a breeze. In addition, we make sure your webshop is 100% search engine-proof - we keep our finger on the pulse of all SEO/SEA trends to make sure you are found with our digital strategy.

Your webshop is up and then?

Creating a powerful webshop is just the beginning - a robust marketing strategy is absolutely essential to ensure success. It's a two-pronged game. A great webshop attracts potential customers, but without effective marketing, they won't find you.

That's why at On The Rocks, we focus not only on building unique and user-friendly webshops, but also on developing strong marketing strategies. We look at SEO/SEA, social media, email marketing and more, to make sure your webshop gets the visibility and traffic it deserves. With the right marketing, your webshop will not only be found, but also turn visitors into customers. That way, we make sure your webshop is not an isolated island, but a vibrant marketplace.

Content that appeals to your target audience

Using high-quality, original images on your webshop can have a significant impact on user experience and ultimately conversion. Clear and attractive images give customers a better idea of the products and build trust. They also contribute to the unique and personal character of your webshop, which helps you stand out in the market. So, while investing in professional, unique photos requires some effort and resources. The rewards in terms of branding and conversion are often well worth it.

Because say it, the photos of Paris Mode's autumn collection look ridiculously delicious ;).

Webshop links

At On The Rocks, we provide seamless links between your webshop and all essential systems, from payment gateways to inventory management. This makes managing your webshop efficient and hassle-free, so you can focus on what really matters - growing your business.

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