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In the digital world, fast hosting, solid SLAs and efficient e-mail solutions are indispensable. Hosting determines the speed and reliability of your site. SLAs ensure clear expectations. E-mail via Outlook365 or Google Workspace ensures smooth communication. Together, they form the backbone of your online success.

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On The Rocks' VPS Performance Hosting stands out as one of the fastest hosting services on the market.

This speed is due to the allocation of dedicated resources to each VPS, resulting in fast load times and seamless website performance, even during peak times.

The speed of your hosting is crucial for two reasons: findability and user experience. Search engines like Google take the loading speed of your website into account when determining your position in search results. So a faster website means a higher ranking and more visibility.

Second, the speed of your website has a significant impact on the user experience. In an age where people are used to instant access to information, a slow loading time can lead to user frustration and increase your bounce rate.

By choosing On The Rocks' VPS Performance Hosting, you ensure that your visitors have a fast and seamless experience. 


An On The Rocks website, webshop or aplication comes with a hosting package. This is the cost you incur (regardless of where you do this) for registering your domain name and the monthly hosting fee to keep it all online.

  • Domain name (NL): € 25.00 per year
  • Domain name (COM): € 35.00 per year
  • Email package (Outlook365 or Gsuite): Contact us for a quote

We use VPS servers with 8 dedicated vCPUs cores and 16 GB of RAM. Check out our hosting packages below. 

Hosting package (S)
For normal visitor numbers
19,50 Per month
  • VPS Server
  • 4 shared vCPUs cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 20GB NVMe storage
  • 40GB data traffic
  • Plugin licences included
  • Daily backups
Hosting package (m)
For high visitor numbers
31,50 Per month
  • VPS Server
  • 8 shared vCPUs cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 20GB NVMe storage
  • 40GB data traffic
  • Plugin licences included
  • Daily backups
Your own VPS server, from
160,- Per month
  • VPS Server
  • 4 dedicated vCPUs cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 200GB NVMe storage
  • 10TB data traffic
  • Daily backups
  • Firewall
  • Monitoring

If you exceed these limits, your website will remain operational and we will examine the reasons together and evaluate whether an upgrade is necessary. All our hosting packages also include daily backups so nothing is ever lost.

The advantage of our hosting is that we set everything up for you so that your website performs optimally. We take care of the set-up costs (€150) if you sign for a year, after which our hosting can be cancelled monthly.

No hosting?

It is also possible not to purchase hosting from us, we can then transfer the whole thing to you so that you take care of the back end of the website & licences yourself. It is also possible to purchase only licences from us (€9.50 per month). In that case, we only take care of the licences and their processing. This is cheaper than buying the licences yourself. We like to be transparent and the choice is entirely up to you.

Security updates & maintenance

Security updates and maintenance are crucial in a world where technology and the internet are constantly evolving. Google and other platforms roll out monthly updates and change their site scores. It is therefore essential to make these changes continuously to keep your Google rankings high and ensure an optimal user experience. WordPress, the CRM in which we build your website, and all the plug-ins on your website need to be updated regularly to keep everything running smoothly. On average, we spend a day a month updating all our clients' websites and testing them against the new Google rankings.

  • Security updates: €12.95 per month.
SLA Packages

At On The Rocks, we understand the importance of a robust, reliable service. That is why we offer several Service Level Agreement (SLA) packages to meet specific needs.

  • Bronze SLA: From €100 per month - provides basic support during office hours and a 24-hour response time to incidents.
  • Silver SLA: From €200 per month - includes more extensive support, a faster 8-hour response time to incidents and priority access to our support desk.
  • Golden SLA: From €400 per month - offers 24/7 support, a response time of just 4 hours to incidents and priority access to our support desk.
  • Platinum SLA: From €800 per month - our highest level of support, designed for mission-critical infrastructures that require maximum uptime and immediate incident response.

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