Our work🔥


For Crotona, we have spent the last four years as a marketing partner building a community that is the envy of many an event.


Building a vibrant event community, with the intention of converting followers into engaged fans who truly feel part of Crotona.


  • 16 sold-out events since 2019.
  • Crotona Clothing, own clothing line. 
  • Vibrant family of 200+ members.
  • Crotona Radio & Records, own record label.


  • Brand strategy & branding
  • Photo & Video
  • Web design & development
  • Event activation
  • Digital strategy & social media


Crotona Clothing

COVID Happend! Events were suddenly not allowed when we were going so well. Crotona Clothing has become a sub-label under Crotona. 

Crotona Festival Promo

Without images from a previous festival, create a promo that excites Crotona's target audience. 

Aftermovie event

FOMO! That's what you must get after watching an aftermovie of Crotona.

On event video

Crotona was back! 2 years of Covid19, we had to do something with that at the first event. To that end, we developed a shop opener together with B11 Event Group. 

How we did it?

At On The Rocks, we developed 360-degree branding for Crotona. From the start, we took on the role of dedicated marketing partner, not limiting ourselves to one aspect. Our activities included everything from developing FOMO-creating aftermovies, vibrant animations and catchy event photos to designing eye-catching posters. But it didn't stop there - we also took on social media management, developed new concepts and set out powerful strategies.

Our approach was all-encompassing, which is exactly why we achieved such an impressive result. Our efforts have resulted in us being Crotona's proud partner for the next three years. We plan to operate at a national level to increase Crotona's presence and impact across the country. 
We are just getting started! 

Crotona Radio

50 episodes in Corona time to stay in touch with the community.