Interactive video for your school

From concept to full video

would you like an interactive video for your school

At On The Rocks media, we make sure your school's annual open day is wrapped up in one video.

Video with impact

At our office in Weurt (near Nijmegen), videographers, editors and other creative minds work together to create the most beautiful videos with the best results. Together, we are 100% committed to introducing new schoolchildren to your school. Bring on those kiddos!

A dashboard with millions of users worldwide.

We build your interactive video a friendly dashboard which already has more than millions of viewers from all over the world. Our videographers know this dashboard completely by heart. So say what you want and we'll fix it for you!

Longer viewing time

Interactive video not only ensures that your viewers get to see targeted content, it also makes for longer viewing time. On average as much as 47% longer than a regular video.

Viewer behaviour

We get the statistics in for you. With Interactive video, we can read your viewers' behaviour exactly. Super handy!


Deploying a video is timeless. The people who watch your video today may just watch it again next year.

Getting interactive video made: How does it actually work?

An interactive video is actually nothing more than a well-known YouTube video, except that while watching the video, the viewer can also click on different parts in the video. We take care to anticipate this while creating the script and can thus guide the target audience through the video perfectly, without them having to look at information that is not relevant to them. We can add not only buttons, but also links to Social channels, Photos or a url of your school's website. We can even make sure that if people are excited they can sign up immediately. And that with a simple button incorporated into your unique video.

First, there was good coffee...

What do we do for you?

We make sure your school's annual open day is wrapped up in one video, eand video that can be viewed at any time. In addition, we provide you with all the statistics that give insight into the behaviour of your target audience. What do they watch and where do they drop out?

You can then use these insights to increase the quality of the open day, or to communicate more specifically to your target audience.
We think with you about the content of the video, we film the video, edit the video and make sure the most important elements become clickable. All with your target audience in mind.
On top of that, we also make sure that the graphics incorporated in the video are completely designed in your school's style. This not only makes the content of the video unique, but also gives it a personal design.
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We arrange everything for you

What should I do for this myself?

In principle, we arrange everything for you. It is useful if you think about the content of the video in advance, as you are of course the school's experts. We always recommend a variety of speakers. Think for instance of a teacher, student, former student, parent and/or mentor
We are always ready to think with you about the content of the video without any obligation, so do not hesitate to contact us about it.
What would be convenient for us is to have one or more locations reserved on the shooting day(s) where we can record the various interviews.
Oh yes, a nice cup of coffee will also please our crew.

Educational support.

Besides giving you an interactive video that has an informative purpose, we will take a select group of students with us during the filming process. On the day we come to shoot, we will explain a bit of camera technique, let them think about shots themselves and let them play with light and sound equipment. In this way, we hope to teach students who are interested in the audiovisual field to help them choose a study after secondary school. After the filming day, we give them a folder that explains further what they have learned that day. They can then quietly read over this later. 
In consultation with you, we can adapt our curriculum to your needs. For instance, we are happy to align our explanations with your current media lessons.