Getting drone video made: professional aerial shots for your business

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Why should I have a drone video made?

What is a drone video and how is it made?

A drone video is a video shot using a drone (also called an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV). The drone is equipped with a camera, which remote controlled can be. The drone allows the camera to be positioned at different heights and angles to unique and spectacular images at capture high altitude.

To make a drone video, you first need to choose a suitable drone and obtain the necessary permits and permissions (depending on the location and purpose of the video). Next, you need to control the drone and adjust the camera settings to get the desired images. Post-processing software can be used to enhance the colours, brightness and contrast of the footage and to add music and text. Drone videos are often used for nature and landscape photography, real estate presentations, events and films and commercials. 

What are the benefits of a drone video?

With a drone video get a spectacular and unique view of the surroundings. The drone allows you to view and capture landscapes, buildings, events and even people from different angles. The footage is often breathtaking as it shows how big and impressive the world actually is. Moreover, a drone video can also contribute to the marketing of a company or event, as it a visually appealing way is to attract the attention of a potential customer

In short, a drone video provides a new dimension in capturing images and is a valuable addition to various projects. It allows you to capture large areas in one smooth shot and clearly show any elevation differences. 

This gives the viewer a sense of involvement and let them see the environment on a intense way of experiencing. In addition, a drone is a handy tool to use for hard-to-reach or photographing dangerous places and film, without human lives being at stake. For example, when inspecting tall buildings, wind turbines, bridges or other infrastructure. A drone also offers opportunities for 3D mapping and creating orthomosaics. This involves merging multiple aerial photos into one large overview image, which can provide interesting information about the landscape and surroundings.

Drones offer unique perspectives and can impressive and emotional experiences create for viewers.

Where can I get a professional drone video made for my business?

To have a professional drone video made, you are at On the Rocks Media to the right place. We deliver drone photography and drone videos with stunning shots. Our experienced and certified drone pilot and creative team will ensure that your message or story is delivered on a unique and impressive way is captured and shared. Whether it is a corporate film, event registration, property presentation or reportage, we deliver high-quality image productions that makes the viewer pause to appreciate the beauty of the image.

Our drones are equipped with the latest technologies and comply with all regulations to ensure safe, high-quality recordings. Together with you, we will discuss the possibilities and ensure a production that suits your needs and budget. 

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What are the different uses of drone videos?

What types of businesses can benefit from making a drone video?

Drone videos can be ideal for different types of businesses, from real estate companies to film and television production companies. In addition, drone videos can be used to events at a unique way record or promote and can help showcase popular tourist attractions. Other options are that drone videos can add a creative element to different companies' advertisements and take images of unique ecosystems and vulnerable species.

In what ways can I use a drone video for marketing purposes?

A drone video can on different ways used for marketing purposes, such as showing a product from different angles, creating a visual story that supports the brand's message, showing the environment in which the product is used and creating a memorable experience for customers and prospects. These videos can be used on websites, social media channels, events or trade shows and in TV commercials. We would love to help you take your video to the next level. Feel free to contact us via our site.

Frequently asked questions

A drone video is a video made using a drone. Using the drone, aerial images and recordings can be made from the air.

Drone recordings are shots taken using a drone. This allows aerial images to be captured of, for example, a landscape or a building.

Yes, we have our own drone that allows us to take aerial images and recordings.

The cost of a drone video depends on several factors, such as the duration of the video, the type of drone used and whether any animation or editing is required. Contact us for a customised quote.

A 4K drone video is a drone video recorded at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This makes the image quality very high and allows details to be captured well.

Yes, our drone pilots are certified to shoot drone footage.

Drone photography involves capturing still images using a drone, while drone video involves capturing moving images.

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