Have interactive video made

To several storylines explore, additional information request or give feedback

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video is one in which the viewer actively participates to the content and the course of the video can affect it. Interactive videos can include various interactive elements, such as pop-up maps, quiz questions, buttons, drop-down menus and interactive hotspots. This allows viewers, for example, to exploring different storylines, request additional information or give feedback. Interactive videos are often used for educational, marketing and entertainment purposes. 

What are the benefits of having an interactive video made?

An interactive video sticks better with your target audience

Research has shown that interactive videos indeed better stick with target groups. This is because interactive elements such as quizzes, hotspots, and choices increase viewers' involvement and engagement. As a result, information is better understood and remembered than when passively watching a traditional video. Moreover, interactive video the ability to allowing the viewer to participate in the story and the personalise experience, further increasing engagement.

Creating an interactive video with its own storyline

In an interactive video, the viewer has a say in the story. The most important thing when creating an interactive video is that the story is engaging and attractive for the viewer. There should be sufficient tension, emotion and interest are generated to keep the viewer enthralled and make them sympathise with the story. A good combination of different choices and outcomes contributes to this and makes the story even more successful.

An interactive video for various marketing purposes

Educational interactive videos can be used, for example, to explain complex concepts in a simple way or to engage students in lessons. Marketers like to use interactive videos to engage consumers with their brand and to increase engagement and brand awareness. Entertainers are using interactive videos to increase their engage fans in their creative process and to offer them a unique experience. Using interactive videos can provide a higher engagement, interactivity and personalisation. It can also help you remember and understand the message better.

How we do this at OTR? Check out the video below.

There should be sufficient tension, emotion and interest be cheerful To keep the viewer enthralled and make him or her compassion with the story.

How does having an interactive video made with us work?

Step-by-step plan for interactive video creation

Creating an interactive video requires a step-by-step process. Let's start with the defining the dol and the concept, which can range from an inspiring instructional video to an effective promotional video. We then get to work on devising an engaging storyline and structure for your video. With the writing the script we make sure your interactive elements are not forgotten. To engage the viewer even more, we add images, sounds, animations and graphics. Once editing is complete, export the video and we test these for interaction possibilities. Nothing left to edit? Your interactive video can be published!

What type of video suits your business?

It is important to determine what the target group is of the company and what the message is that needs to be conveyed. Based on this, it can be determined which type of video is suitable, for example an animation video, promotional video or recruitment video. Moreover, the budget and the time available a role in choosing the right type of video.

Get in touch and create your own unique route through the video

The team at On the Rocks Media creates professional, unique and interactive customised videosin which the viewer chooses what information the person wants to reach. With our video production, we unburden our clients from A to Z, in which we translate your organisation's specific requirements into an interactive film.

Curious about the options for the right video for your business? Contact us directly or leave your details in our contact form for a no-obligation quote.

Frequently asked questions

In a linear video, the viewer watches the video passively as the images follow one another. In an interactive video, the viewer can make choices and the video is personalised based on the viewer's interactions.

An interactive video offers many advantages. For instance, the viewer stays interested for longer because he can make his own choices and is involved in the story. In addition, the viewer can take immediate action by clicking on a call to action, for example. This makes an interactive video very suitable for video marketing.

We create professional interactive videos using interactive layers and overlays. This allows us to add different choices to the video and personalise your brand. Together with you, we determine the right video content and call to actions so the viewer can take immediate action.

Yes, you certainly can! Together with you, we take stock of what the message should be and what the video should look like. We then create a flow chart of the possible choices and the corresponding overlays and interactive layers. This creates a clear storyline and optimises viewer involvement in the video.

We can optimise your video for online marketing and make sure your video is findable by the right target audience. It is also important to distribute the video through different channels so that the right target audience sees it.

The cost depends on several factors, such as the length of the video and the complexity of the interactive elements. We offer a free brainstorming session in which we will identify your needs and requirements and can provide a tailor-made quote.

Yes, an interactive video is suitable for both large and small companies. In fact, for SMEs, it can be a powerful tool to stand out from the competition and get the message across in an original way.

We customise the interactive layer based on your corporate identity so that it seamlessly matches your brand. This creates a professional look and viewers immediately recognise your brand.

Measuring is knowing! We can help you measure the effectiveness of your interactive video through analytics. This will give you insight into the number of views, clicks and conversions and allow you to optimise the video for even better results.

Making an interactive video often takes a lot longer than making a linear video. This is because several layers and interactive elements need to be added to the video. We work with a clear step-by-step plan and timeline so you know exactly where you stand.