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To products, services or ideas promote and explain to customers and stakeholders. 

What are explanimations?

Explanimations are animated explanatory videos those complex information on a simple and understandable explanations. They use animations, illustrations, graphics and voice-overs to convey a message to viewers. Explanimations are often used by companies and organisations to explain their products, services or ideas promote and explain to customers and stakeholders. They can also be used in educational contexts to present learning materials in a visual and digestive way convey to students.

What can I use an explanimation for?

An explanimation is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes. One of the main functions of an explanimation is to put in explain a complex process or system in comprehensible and visual form. This makes it easier for the target audience to absorb and understand the information. Another important purpose of an explanimation is presenting a new product or service in a convincing way. Clear images and explanations make it clear to the customer what the benefits and features of the new product or service are.

Besides informing customers, an explanimation can also be used for training staff. Through step-by-step instructions, staff are trained in a quick and efficient manner. Another area of application of an explanimation is visualising data and statistics to make information understandable. By using graphics and illustrations, the target audience can get the most important information at a glance. Furthermore, an explanimation can also be used to introduce a new strategy or vision within a company. By using animation and images, the message is conveyed in an inspiring way.

Another area of application of an explanimation is promoting an event or campaign. Moving images and striking colours attract and inspire the target audience. Finally, an explanimation can also be used to improve brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty. By using a recognisable style and visual elements, the brand is presented in a positive way and the connection with the customer is strengthened.

What are the benefits of having an explanimation made?

There are many advantages of having an explanimation made. For example, explanimations make complex information understandable and increase audience engagement. A well animated video can capture the viewer's attention and engage them with the content. In addition increases brand recognition, for example, by customising the animation to your brand colours, fonts, and so on. Finally, it is a simple way to increase retention and recall rates. Animated videos have the potential to easily stick in the viewer's memory. The visual and auditory aspect of animation can help store information more efficiently.

By using a recognisable style and visual elements the brand is presented in a positive way and is the relationship with the customer reinforced.” 

What is our process for creating an explanimation?

Together with you, we map out your objectives for the explanimation. We do this through a briefing or a personal meeting in which we discuss in detail what the explanimation's message should be, who the target group is and what the desired result is

We then use this information to start developing a unique concept and script for the explanimation. We use our expertise to ensure that the story is told in a clear and visually appealing way so that the message gets across to the target audience. We then elaborate the concept into a storyboard and develop the graphic design and animation. We ensure that the visuals and animation perfectly match the story and objectives of the explanimation. 

Throughout the process, we keep in close contact with you to receive feedback and make any adjustments. Finally, we deliver the explanimation in the desired format and in any language so you can use them on your website, in presentations and on social media.

What is the investment for having an explanimation made?

The cost of having an explanimation video made depends on several factors, such as the length of the video, the complexity of the animation and the level of illustrations. The best way to find out what making an explanimation with us would cost is to request a no-obligation quote.

Frequently asked questions

An explanimation video is an animated video that creatively and clearly explains what your company, product or service is about and what benefits it offers to the target audience.

An explanimation is the way to explain in a clear and recognisable way what your company or organisation has to offer. It is an effective way to convey complex information to your target audience and can be used for marketing purposes, on social media and on your website.

When creating a professional explanimation, we work with you to determine your message and target audience. We provide a tailor-made script and create illustrations that perfectly match your house style and message. We then take care of the production and delivery of your explanimation, entirely according to your wishes.

As a marketing agency, we know that every company or organisation has its own unique look and feel. That is why we make our explanimations completely customised, and we work with you to determine which style suits your company and target audience perfectly.

We make sure the voice-over is chosen in the right tone and language to suit the message and your target audience.

An explanimation can be used on various channels, such as on social media, your website, in presentations or at trade fairs. We will be happy to advise you on the best channels to maximise the return on your video.

Together, we create a style that perfectly matches your corporate identity and other content. We ensure a clear and recognisable look that matches the image of your company or organisation.

When creating an effective explanimation, storytelling is essential. Elements that are important here are a clear message that connects with your target audience, a recognisable and sympathetic protagonist and a plot that draws the viewer into the story.

We have already had the pleasure of helping several clients create their explainer animation, see all our projects below.

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