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A visual introduction of your company to showcase your business has to offer.

Have a corporate video made in Nijmegen

Having a corporate video made is a smart move for any business looking to increase its online presence. After all, a video can act as a serve as a calling card and reach potential customers. It is a kind of digital and visual introduction to your business and can show visually what your company has to offer. But why choose to have a corporate film made in Nijmegen? We would be happy to explain it to you.

Why should I have a corporate film made?

A video as a business card

A corporate film or corporate video can act as a kind of digital handshake When people first get to know your company. It can be a powerful tool to make a first impression and inform potential customers about what your company does and what it stands for. By creating a unique company film, you can increase the highlighting your company's strengths and at the same time a giving personal insight into the people behind the company. It can also help build trust and create an emotional connection with the viewer. By sharing the video on your website and social media, you can effectively promote your business and strengthen your brand. It can help give potential customers a sense of who you are, what you do and what values are important to your business. It can also convince a viewer to do business with your company instead of your competitor.

Reach potential customers

Besides serving as a business card for your company, a corporate film can also helping to reach potential customers. After all, videos are very popular on social media, so a good corporate video can also be shared there. With a corporate video, you immediately grab the attention that can be communicated to your target audience in an attractive way. That way, you can spread your message to a larger audience in a cost-efficient way.

Show what your company has to offer

A corporate video can be very effective in showing what your company has to offer. It can give the viewer an idea of your product range or services, but also show who is behind the company and what the company culture is. By presenting this visually and in a creative way, it can leave a positive impression on the viewer, thus reinforcing your company's brand identity.

Through the video divide on your website and social media, you can effectively promote and your brand strengthen.

What are the advantages of having a corporate film made by On The Rocks Media in Nijmegen?

Knowledge of the region

When you have your corporate video made in Nijmegen, you have the advantage that the company that produces your video will has knowledge of the region and its residents. This allows us to respond better to the target group in Nijmegen and make a corporate film that is relevant to this region. We like to think behind the scenes with you, so that your organisation's desired message is conveyed in the right way.


By having your corporate film made in Nijmegen, you have the advantage that the video marketing can be tailored to your target group in Nijmegen. A company that has experience in the region and has already made several video productions can produce a film that appeals to the target audience in Nijmegen. This increases the chances of your message reaching the right people.

Tailor-made video production

Having a corporate film made by On the Rocks Media also offers the opportunity to customise your video production. After all, every corporate video has a different purpose and can therefore be tailored to your specific objectives. This allows us to write a script that perfectly suits your message and target audience. We take care of our productions from A to Z, realising a professional corporate video using our creativity.

How does a video production in Nijmegen at On The Rocks Media work?

Intake interview and concept development

Have a corporate film made at On the Rocks Media starts with an intake meeting to discuss your goals and requirements. On this basis, a creative concept can be developed to suit your business and objectives. Due to our experience with various clients, every project is tailor-made. Your film should show why customers come to the right place.

Recording and editing

After developing the concept, the recording started go. This can be on location at your company, but also at other locations in Nijmegen that are relevant for your corporate film. Recording is followed by editing, in which the raw footage is transformed into a professional video.

Feedback and adjustments

During the process, there is always room for feedback and making adjustments. This way, the corporate film can be customised and meet your needs and objectives.

We take care of our productions from A to Z, so that we have a professional Realise company film using our creativity.

What can a corporate video in Nijmegen by On The Rocks Media do for my business?

Better conversion on your website

A company film on your website can help with increasing conversion. By showing a company video on your website, visitors can be informed in a quick and easy way. This gets them more engaged with your company, which can ultimately lead to an increase in conversions.

Greater brand awareness

Having a company film made in Nijmegen can also contribute to greater brand awareness. After all, a good corporate video can be shared on various social media channels, bringing your company to the attention of a wider audience. In this way, a corporate video can help increase your company's visibility.

Strengthening your brand identity

A corporate film can strengthen your company's brand identity. A good corporate film can evoke a certain feeling in the viewer and help your company stand out from the competition. By having your corporate film made in Nijmegen and tailoring it to your target audience, you can strengthen your company's position on the market.

How do I request a quote for a corporate film in Nijmegen?

Contact us without obligation

If you are interested in having a corporate film made in Nijmegen, please take feel free to contact us! During a meeting, you can discuss your goals and requirements and get an idea of what is possible. We are happy to take your business and content a step further.