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Getting the best corporate video made 2023

A corporate film is a powerful tool to present your company to the outside world. It is a visual tool that allows you to show who you are, what you do and why your company is the best choice for potential clients. In this article, we take a closer look at getting a corporate film made and answer all your questions.

What does having a corporate film made involve?

What is a corporate film?

A corporate film is a video that highlights the core values and presents important information of your company. A corporate film can have several purposes, such as promoting a new product or service, increasing your company's brand awareness or informing potential clients about important aspects of your organisation.

What are the benefits of a corporate film?

A corporate film offers several benefits, including:

  • Creating a strong first impression with potential customers
  • Improving your company's brand awareness
  • Providing an overview of the products or services your company offers
  • Increasing engagement on your website or social media platform

What message do you want to convey with the corporate film?

Before you start making a corporate film, it is important to determine what message you want to convey. Do you want to emphasise your company's expertise, the quality of its products or services or its customer focus? After this, you can start thinking specifically about the content you want to use.

Through your message clear to have, make sure your corporate film effective and relevant is for your target audience.

What are the steps in making a corporate film?

How to write an effective script for a corporate film?

Writing a corporate film script is one of the most important steps When making a corporate film. A good script ensures that the message is conveyed clearly and effectively to the viewer. When writing a script, it is important to consider the message you want to convey, the target audience and the platform on which the corporate film will be used.

What production process is followed when making a corporate film?

The production process of a corporate film consists of from several steps, namely:

  • Preparation
  • The pre-production
  • Production
  • The post-production


During the preparation phase, key objectives for the corporate film are determined and costs are identified. In the pre-production phase, the script is written, locations and actors are selected and shots are planned. In the production phase, the shots are shot and in the post-production phase, the footage is edited and edited.

Videographer during production process

How to make a good corporate film?

How can storytelling be used in a corporate film?

Storytelling is an important part of making a good corporate film. By telling a powerful story can the viewer will be enthused and can build a strong bond with your company. When using storytelling in a corporate film, it is important to choose a story of your company that matches the message you want to convey and the target audience.

How to choose a suitable voice-over for the corporate film?

The voice-over is an important part of the corporate film. A suitable voice-over ensures that the message is conveyed in a clear and pleasant manner. When choosing a suitable voice-over, it is important to consider the tone of voice, the target audience and the message you want to convey.

How can you incorporate your company's corporate identity and branding into the corporate film?

Your company's corporate identity and branding are important for recognisability and identity of your company. By incorporating the corporate identity and branding into the corporate film, the consistency and recognisability of your company is increased. This can be done by choosing a matching colour scheme, music, fonts or graphics.

How can you get a corporate video made?

How can On The Rocks Media help you create a good corporate video?

We can help you create a good corporate video by assisting you with writing the script, the choosing the right locations and actors and by the filming and editing the footage. We deliver tailor-made solutions and take into account your needs and budget.

What are the key elements of a corporate video?

The key elements of a corporate video are the script, voice-over, music and visuals. These elements should reinforce each other and create a clear message that is convincing and effective.

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On The Rocks relieves you of A to Z When making your corporate film.

Your corporate film

How can a corporate film help my business?

A corporate film can be made on contribute in different ways to the success of your business. First of all, it can serve as an effective tool to present your business to potential customers and promote your product or service. By visually appealingly portraying your business, you can establish a positive image and show potential customers who you are and what you stand for. Moreover, using a company film can improve your online findability and help you get your message across in an appealing way.

How can I tell my business story in a corporate film?

A good company story tells who you are, what you do and why you do it. It is important to incorporate these elements into the corporate film in an appealing way. Ensure a good balance between information and emotion. Don't just tell what you do, but also explain why you do it and what drives you. Furthermore, use appealing images and sound effects to reinforce your story. This will ensure that your corporate film makes an impact.

What types of corporate films are there?

There are different types of corporate films you can make, including:

  • A corporate film with a voice-over: this is the most traditional form of a corporate film, where a voice-over narrates the information about your company.
  • A moving video: this is a dynamic video in which various images and animations present your business.
  • A testimonial or interview: in this form of a corporate film let customers or employees of your company speak.
  • An event video: this is a video of an event your company organised or was involved in.
Frequently asked questions

A corporate video is a video, usually between 1 and 5 minutes long, that presents your business, products or services. It is a powerful way to showcase your business and convince customers.

Having a corporate film made is an excellent way to present your business and tell your story. It is an effective way to promote your business, showcase your products and services and attract customers.

The production process of a corporate film consists of several steps, such as creating the script, finding the right locations, determining the right lighting and editing the video. In each of these steps, professionals play an important role.

The cost of making a corporate film depends on several factors, such as the length of the video, the use of drone footage and the equipment required. Generally, costs vary between €1,500 and €10,000. A customised, no-obligation quote will give you more clarity on the costs.

The production time of a corporate film varies depending on the size of the project. It usually takes between 2 and 6 weeks to produce a corporate film.

Your story is the heart of the video and therefore needs to be presented well. Drafting a corporate film script can help with this. Our professionals can help you write a catchy corporate film script that grabs attention and gets your message across.

Yes, a professional corporate video can definitely help your business grow. Video marketing is a powerful tool to increase your brand awareness, attract and convince potential customers, and make your business visible on social media and LinkedIn.

We make all kinds of corporate videos, from promo videos to corporate videos. Whether it's a unique corporate film of your company, a bank of video content or a promotional film for a specific service or product, we are happy to help.

Our clients are diverse companies, from startups and small businesses to large corporates. What our clients have in common is that they all want successful corporate videos to showcase and grow their business. Check out our portfolio for a small sample of our clients.

Yes, we have experienced cameramen to capture the perfect shots. We are happy to help you provide the necessary images. We can even help you choose the right locations.

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