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Four-Day Festivities

On The Rocks has been asked to produce daily recaps of the Four Day Festivities, which will appear online immediately the next day.


Capturing and publishing the largest public event in the Netherlands within 24 hours. 


  • 8 videos in one week.
  • 22408 organic impressions on Instagram.
  • + 11%+ interaction.
  • 200,000+ steps taken by our videographers in one week.


How we did it?

The Four-Day Festivities: party together with one and a half million other visitors who can be found in Nijmegen for seven days. They are therefore the biggest event in the Netherlands and one of the biggest in Europe.

With more than 1100 performances and the great diversity, it was a challenge to produce this daily. 

At 1am, the footage was loaded onto our server and at 8am our editors started editing the videos. The end result was ready to go at 12:00, just before you as a visitor wanted to go back to the parties. Nice entrance, we also say here 😉 

Impact with numbers


Videos in one week.


Organic impressions on Instagram




Interaction increased.

"People are not interested in you. They are not interested in me. They are interested in themselves- morning, noon, and after dinner."

Dale Carnegie
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We put user needs at the heart of our development, which makes the strongest approach is for every brand from start to finish.

Since 2019, this has been helping brands connect with their communities.

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