Behaviour change

How can you communicate a powerful message that leads to meaningful change? What communication channels do you use to reach your goal? 

We focus on developing effective and engaging behaviour change campaigns. These campaigns are designed to perfectly resonate with your target audience and influence their behaviour in a positive way.

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The begins all with the understand of the drives yours target group, their needs and desires.

We then develop a powerful story and a creative approach to translate these insights into an effective strategy. We choose the optimal mix of marketing channels to spread your message in the most impactful way.

Encouraging behavioural change through thoughtful campaigns is an important task of many governments and companies. The aim is to promote sustainable habits, such as separating waste correctly, quitting smoking or preventing accidents. Despite knowing socially desirable behaviour, we don't always show it, which sometimes leads to the failure of well-intentioned campaigns. At On The Rocks, we focus on creating strong awareness and behaviour change campaigns that not only inform, but also spur action.

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