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With a custom-made webshop from On The Rocks, you tell the story of your online business. That way, you present what you sell and why your products or services excel, in a way that really touches customers.

We are your partner in having a webshop created

Welcome to On The Rocks, where we make your webshop dream come true! Uncertain about getting started? No stress, we are here for you from design to launch. Your webshop will be more than a sales outlet: a dynamic showcase of your products and brand, ready to captivate and serve your target group. With On The Rocks, your webshop will become a true success story!

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The importance of a professional webshop

Having a WordPress webshop created today is a game-changer for any business. By having a good webshop designed, you not only expand your reach, but put your products or services in the spotlight 24/7 for a worldwide audience. Your new webshop at On The Rocks? That means unlimited possibilities for growth and success, and all at very competitive costs!

Visualise a platform where your products shine in a user-friendly and visually appealing setting. This not only increases customer satisfaction and conversion, but also makes it a breeze to implement your online marketing strategies and reap the rewards. With your new webshop, you can monitor and optimise performance, ensuring your business continues to grow continuously.

Our designers think with you, from the drawing board to the site going live, so that in the end you are super satisfied with the website. And the best part? We do all this for a very good price. In short, having a WordPress webshop created by On The Rocks is the smart move for any business that wants to expand, shine online, and increase its customer base.

Webshops with impact

We will build your webshop in one of the most user-friendly content management systems (CMS) out there: WordPress. This allows you to easily adjust, add and fine-tune your products!

Advantages of our professional webshops

Step into the world of On The Rocks, where building a successful webshop becomes a reality. Your new website, designed with a professional WordPress touch, stands out with its stylish design and smooth navigation, perfectly tailored to your needs.

With us, it's about more than aesthetics. Our web shops are rich in advanced functionalities. Think smart e-commerce solutions and integrated payment gateways, all seamlessly woven together for a superior user experience.

In the digital age, responsiveness is essential. Your webshop, built with professional WordPress expertise, adapts seamlessly to any device, from desktop to mobile, to always offer your customers the perfect shopping experience.

In case of technical challenges, our support is always ready to help you, so that your webshop continues to function flawlessly.

With On The Rocks, your new website becomes not just a digital showcase, but a real Google magnet, ready to be successful in the online world

Rapid delivery

Order confirmed? No delayed start: we get straight to work on your new webshop.

Always online

On our super-fast servers, we make sure your webshop is fast, always online and secure.

Transparent working method

With us, you don't have to worry about costs afterwards. Everything clear from the start, we love that!

Having a WordPress webshop created: our step-by-step plan

At On The Rocks, we combine your vision with our expertise in creating engaging online stores. Our passion lies in building unique online shops that reflect the core of your business in user-friendly yet impressive designs. Our approach is fresh and dynamic, perfectly attuned to the trends of the digital age.

Dive into our portfolio and discover our versatility: from stylish e-commerce sites to comprehensive shopping platforms. Every project gets our full attention and a creative twist.

With our experience, we transform your ideas into successful web shops that resonate with your target audience. We understand the challenges of Dutch entrepreneurs and are committed to capturing the heart of your brand in each webshop and presenting it with impact. Your new website will be a blend of style, functionality and ease of use, all designed to strengthen your online presence and tell your story

Our working method

At On The Rocks, we strive to create content that is not only seen, but also leaves a lasting impression. How we do this?

1. Intake

During the intake, your needs and goals take centre stage. After all, we want to understand your vision to create a webshop that fits your needs exactly.

In the planning and design phase, we set to work enthusiastically to bring all ideas to life. Our team of experts ensure that the webshop not only looks attractive, but is also user-friendly for your customers.

During the development phase, we constantly keep you informed of progress so that you are always involved in the process. After extensive final checks, we make sure the webshop is ready to be launched. 

Three, two, one... ACTION! Here comes all the preparation together, your webshop is live!

After the launch, our involvement does not stop. We provide full support and keep the webshop up-to-date with the latest technological developments.

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Webshops with good content

Your webshop stands or falls with good content. Not for nothing that we take on the entire process for most of our clients and also make a strong case for product photography or a high-profile video. Together for success!


Video productions by On The Rocks

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For companies that want to make strides. YSE places go-getters with companies and lets them grow that way. We were asked if we could make a video that could showcase their services in a high-profile way. The result: already 10+ new clients attracted with this video.

IW Nederland

IW is the training provider in electrical and installation engineering. We were given complete freedom to put IW's services on screen and what a result! Used as a brand movie and recruitment video,

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Fast - AFAS Live

Whether we could make a recap for Snelle's AFAS Live show, we call this a piece of art!

  • Expertise: from start-ups to multinationals.
  • See our diverse portfolio for inspiration.
  • Free consultation at our office.
  • Beyond film: also animation, sound design & voice-overs.
  • Sharp prices due to in-house equipment, film & audio studio.

Clients aka friends.



Frequently asked questions

Having a professional webshop created offers numerous advantages. First of all, it gives your webshop a professional look, which increases the confidence of potential customers. In addition, a professional web shop can be optimised for search engines, making you easier to find. Moreover, a professional web shop often offers more functionalities and possibilities to present your products or services.

There is no difference between a webshop and an online shop. These terms are used interchangeably and refer to the same online shopping environment where products or services are offered for sale.

Having a professional webshop built offers more flexibility and customisation options than using an existing one. With a custom-made webshop, you can choose your own design and functionalities, allowing you to create a unique webshop that suits your specific needs and goals.

WordPress combined with WooCommerce is a popular and widely used platform for building online shops. WordPress provides a user-friendly content management system, while WooCommerce offers extensive features for managing and selling products online. This platform is suitable for both small and large webshops.

The cost of having a professional webshop created can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. Factors such as the number of products, desired functionalities and customisation options can affect the total cost. It is best to request a customised quote from a web design agency to get a better idea of the cost.

Yes, it is often possible to expand your webshop later on with additional functionalities and modules. WordPress and WooCommerce offer numerous plugins and extensions that you can add to your webshop to further optimise it and adapt it to your growing needs.

Yes, you are usually expected to provide the content for your webshop yourself, such as product descriptions, images and prices. However, a professional web design agency can advise and support you in optimising the content for search engines and conversions.

Yes, it is often possible to expand your webshop later on with additional functionalities and modules. WordPress and WooCommerce offer numerous plugins and extensions that you can add to your webshop to further optimise it and adapt it to your growing needs.

Yes, with WordPress and WooCommerce you can manage your webshop yourself. The content management system is user-friendly and offers an intuitive interface that allows you to add, edit and delete products, manage stock, adjust prices and much more.

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We will contact you within 24 hours, in which we will discuss all your requirements and be able to send you a no-obligation proposal that suits you completely.