Have your webshop built in nijmegen?

From design to development.

would you like to have a webshop built in nijmegen?

At On The Rocks media, we build your webshop at top level and make your online business a success.

Webshops with impact

At our office in Weurt (near Nijmegen), designers, web developers, marketers and Google experts work together to build the best-found webshops in the Netherlands. 100% search engine-friendly, strong design work and a solid back office. Give those sales a shot!

The most accessible webshop system!

We will build your webshop in one of the most user-friendly content management systems (CMS) out there: WordPress. This allows you to easily adjust, add and fine-tune your products!

Rapid delivery

Order confirmed? No delayed start: we get straight to work on your new webshop.

Always online

On our super-fast servers, we make sure your webshop is fast, always online and secure.

Transparent working method

With us, you don't have to worry about costs afterwards. Everything clear from the start, we love that!

Have your webshop built in Nijmegen with good content and maintenance

Your webshop stands or falls with good content. Not for nothing that we take on the entire process for most customers and also make a case for a strong product photography or a high-profile video. Want to have a website created alongside your webshop? Read more about it here!

Delivered and done: your webshop is finished and ready to pop! Is this it then? Often not: now the whole thing has to start growing. This can be done through targeted SEO/SEA campaigns or a strong sample social media marketing. We also take care of the maintenance of your webshop and make sure it is always online. We optimise it monthly to ensure optimum speed and monitor its findability. Together for success! 

First, there was good coffee...

A local partner for your webshop

A successful webshop depends on a solid plan. With us, the door is always open: we get to work together and make your e-commerce business a success. We are located in a small and hip office near Nijmegen, where the coffee is always ready. Our spearheads:

  • We work targeted: whether to generate sales, be found locally or attract global attention with your webshop.
  • We bring you fresh wind: B11 employs marketers of high nvieau but more importantly creative entrepreneurs. We think with you!
  • We go for speed: your webshop will be online in no time so you can start popping and taking your webshop out into the world.
  • We are fully transparentNobody likes small print and we certainly do not. No surprises afterwards, no hassle, just good.
  • We are affordable: whatever your budget, we go for a good investment that suits what you want to achieve and advise you throughout the process
  • We work local: our door is always open, we have good coffee and you can always come to us for all your questions around marketing.
Our pearls of customers, or rather partners!

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