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With a corporate video Almere from On The Rocks, you bring your company's unique story to life. With it, you show what you do and why you excel at it, in a way that truly impresses and stays with you.

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Welcome to On The Rocks, the specialist in creating corporate video and corporate film that puts your company on the map. Having a corporate video made is an effective way to present your business to the world. It serves as a visually powerful tool to show who you are, what you offer, and why your company is the ideal choice for potential customers. 

corporate video almere

Why have a corporate video Almere made?

A professional look

A corporate video can give your company a professional image. With this video, you can communicate your message to your target audience in a clear and visually appealing way. Potential customers will get a good picture of the company and the products or services it offers. A corporate video Almere can also be used for (local) marketing purposes, for example on social media or during trade fairs and events. By having a professional corporate video made, you show that your company is to be taken seriously and create a valuable branding tool.

Increased engagement with the target group

A corporate video Almere can ensure increased engagement of the target audience with the company. With a video, the company can present itself in a professional and visually appealing way and ensure more interaction and engagement from the target audience. A video can also help convey complex information in a simple way and reinforce brand identity.

More online reach

Having a corporate video made can help increase a company's online reach. It can be an effective marketing tool to reach potential customers, share information about products and/or services and stand out from the competition. A good corporate video can also help reinforce brand identity and build trust with the target audience. Sharing the video on various online channels, such as the website, social media and YouTube, can further increase its reach.

Delivering a unique message

Having a corporate video made can help you deliver a unique message to your target audience. With a video, you can present your business in a creative way and communicate on an emotional level. For example, by using storytelling and visual effects, you can hold your target audience's attention and inspire them to engage with you. A corporate video is thus a powerful tool to reinforce your brand identity and achieve your goals. 

Measuring and improving results

A corporate video Almere can measure and improve your business results. For example, a corporate video can increase brand awareness, generate leads, increase customer engagement and increase conversions. By analysing the results of the video and improving where necessary, the company can achieve its goals more efficiently. In addition, the video can also be used internally to train employees or show the company culture, for example.


Corporate films by On The Rocks

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For companies that want to make strides. YSE places go-getters with companies and lets them grow that way. We were asked if we could make a video that could showcase their services in a high-profile way. The result: already 10+ new clients attracted with this video.

IW Nederland

IW is the training provider in electrical and installation engineering. We were given complete freedom to put IW's services on screen and what a result! Used as a brand movie and recruitment video,

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Fast - AFAS Live

Whether we could make a recap for Snelle's AFAS Live show, we call this a piece of art!

  • Expertise: from start-ups to multinationals.
  • See our diverse portfolio for inspiration.
  • Free consultation at our office.
  • Beyond film: also animation, sound design & voice-overs.
  • Sharp prices due to in-house equipment, film & audio studio.
corporate video almere

What are the benefits of a corporate video Almere by On the Rocks Media?

Unique, tailor-made content

We understand better than anyone that content creation is an important part of your online presence. That is why we offer unique, tailor-made content specifically for your company. Before we start production, we look together at which points are important to emphasise in the video. This way, you get a video that fits your needs perfectly.

Prior to production, review the points you want to focus on

If you want to make a production, it is important to think about what you want to focus on beforehand. This could be the message you want to convey, the target group you want to appeal to, or the creative aspects of the production. By listing these points in advance, you can focus during the production process and make sure that these points are well highlighted in the final result.

A competitive price for a beautiful video

Having a corporate film made in a unique way remains custom-made. With our creativity, passion, the right techniques and pleasant cooperation, we strive for the perfect corporate film. Request a quote without obligation or take a look for our capabilities on our site.

With our creativity, passion, the right techniques and a pleasant cooperation we strive for your perfect corporate film.

How do we go about making a corporate video in Almere?

At On The Rocks, we combine your vision with our fresh insights and expertise to create engaging corporate videos. Our passion lies in creating unique videos that capture the essence of your business in concise but powerful stories. Our approach is modern and dynamic, perfectly aligned with the trend of easily digestible and impactful video content.

Dive into our portfolio and discover our versatility: from dynamic corporate films to elaborate corporate videos. Every project receives our full attention, creativity and dedication.

A crucial step in this process is writing an effective corporate video script. A good script ensures that your message not only comes across clearly, but also effectively to the viewer. Important here is the alignment with the message you want to convey, your target audience and the platform on which the corporate video will be used.

Our working method

At On The Rocks, we strive to create content that is not only seen, but also leaves a lasting impression. How we do this?

1. Opinion

Analysis of the client's needs and target audience is an essential step before the video production process begins. It is important to understand exactly what the client wants to achieve and who their target audience is. Based on this, an appropriate concept and storyboard can be developed.

A concept and storyboard are important parts of the process when creating a corporate video. The concept includes the core message and tone of the video, as well as the intended target audience. The storyboard consists of a series of sketches showing the visual aspects of the video, including camera angles, shots and special effects.

The content on paper. This is where everything comes together and production starts.

When making a corporate video, the production of the video is an important step. This takes into account various aspects, such as the content and message of the video, the purpose of the video and the target audience for which the video is intended. It also considers the use of different technical aspects, such as the camera and lighting, sound and editing. During production, there is collaboration between the company and the production team, ultimately creating a professional and relevant corporate video.

The material is assembled and processed.

With your feedback, we put the finishing touches to it, delivering the finished video to the client and any other parties involved, such as distributors or television channels.

having shortform content created

Customer cooperation and communication

A professional look

At On The Rocks, we understand that the relationship with our clients is essential for creating successful corporate videos. This is why we approach each client with a personal, tailored approach. This includes regular meetings to discuss the client's needs and goals, and to receive feedback during the production process.

Our goal is not only to deliver an impressive corporate video, but also to provide an enjoyable and transparent collaborative experience, with your vision at its core. Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to exceed your expectations.


Frequently asked questions

A corporate video is a video created to promote and present a company, product or service to a specific target audience.

A corporate video is a similar video to a corporate video, but puts more emphasis on the story and background of the company. This is often a more emotionally charged story, which can reflect, for example, the company's significance to the community.

To get the best results, it is important to have your objectives clear and communicate them to the production team. They can then advise you on which type of video is the best fit and how best to present it. It is also important to keep in mind what feeling you want to convey to the viewer and what action you want them to take after seeing the video.

A corporate video can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, it can increase brand awareness, generate more traffic to the website, promote a product or service or inform customers. It is important to establish in advance what your specific objectives are, so that the production team can respond to them in the best possible way.

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