Meaning: conversion

Also: conversion or transaction

Conversion indicates the point at which a website visitor performs a specific, desired action. This could be filling in a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter or even completing a purchase. Here, optimising these actions, or conversion optimisation, a fundamental aspect of effective online marketing strategy.

However, achieving a high conversion-ratio requires more than just attractive offers. Crucial elements such as website design, user experience, load time and content structure strongly influence the chances of a visitor actually converting. Moreover, it is vital to pay attention to SEO texts and keywords. That way, you ensure that especially the right visitors - those who potentially convert - find your website.

Using analytics tools, companies gain insight into which website elements contribute most to conversions and where adjustments are needed. By consistently testing, evaluating and fine-tuning, companies can improve their conversion-ratios tighten. This ultimately results in increased revenue and a better return on online marketing efforts.

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