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Generation Z is more important than ever

With a Gen Z Marketing video from On The Rocks, you bring your brand's story to life. Showcase what you do and why you excel at it, in a way that is perfectly suited to Generation Z's dynamic and digital world. 

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We speak Gen Z, you too?

Gen Z, the trend-setting target group of the moment, sets the tone in today's consumer market. Raised in a digital era, they are technology-savvy, addicted to speed, and stand for authenticity, diversity and sustainability. These digital natives, discerning and well-informed, make informed choices, often influenced by their social circles. For companies, it is crucial to understand this dynamic generation and embrace their values. That is why we are ready to help you reach this generation with content that speaks, resonates and goes viral.
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Who is Gen Z and how do you reach this generation?

Welcome to the vibrant world of Gen Z, the iGeneration, the Zoomers - a world where On The Rocks is your guide. These digital natives, born between '97 and '12, have grown up with the internet as their playground and smartphones as their trusty sidekicks. They are the Picassos of digital media and the Einsteins of social networks, with TikTok being their arena for fast, catchy content that goes as viral as the latest meme.

Gen Z is a mixtape of independence, diversity and a worldly mindset. They are the flag bearers of activism, fighting for social justice with every tweet and post. This generation is always looking for the authentic, the real - #nofilter, pure and unpolished.

At On The Rocks, we understand that the key to Gen Z's heart lies in content that is as fast, smart and fluid as they are. From TikTok challenges to Instagram stories, we create content that grabs their attention and won't let go. So, are you ready to captivate Zoomers? Dive into the world of hashtags, viral videos and flexible working dreams with us. Let's tell the Gen Z Marketing story together, in a way that is as unique as they are. 

Why is it important to target Gen Z in your marketing strategy?

Embrace Gen Z Marketing in your marketing mix, because these young trendsetters are tomorrow's gamechangers! Born between the digital lines of 1997 and 2012, they make up a sizable chunk of the population pizza and have a buying power as impressive as their TikTok skills.

At On The Rocks, we understand that Gen Z is not just another target group; they are the pioneers of the future. They look for brands that don't just talk, but actually do - #AuthenticityIsKey. It's about honesty, corporate social responsibility, and hey, show that green heart!

To capture the hearts (and wallets) of Gen Z, step into their world with a marketing strategy as fresh as their Insta feed. Win their loyalty and build a brand identity that resonates with their vibes. With On The Rocks by your side, you're not just trending, you're a trendsetter

On The Rocks for your Gen Z Marketing: our steps

At On The Rocks, we understand that UGC (User Generated Content) and authenticity are the beating heart of Generation Z Marketing. Your generation wants authenticity, trust and connection with the brands they interact with. That's why we throw ourselves into creating content that not only vibrates with your interests and values, but also truly comes from the community, shared by people just like you. From sharing unique product experiences to showcasing creative product use and sincere reviews - your voice is what counts.

In this digital world, where everything changes in an instant, our video production experts and our strategic gurus help you stand out. Our team, a mix of Gen Z talent and experienced professionals, will work closely with you to create content that is not only authentic and inspiring, but also perfectly suited to Generation Z. At On The Rocks, we are all about creating content that is real, inspiring and spot-on for Gen Z.

Our working method

At On The Rocks, we strive to create content that is not only seen, but also leaves a lasting impression. How we do this?

1. Opinion

What do you want to tell, who do you want to reach and how should it come across to the viewer? We will give you appropriate advice.

Using visual examples, mood boards and inspirational stories, we come up with a concept that fully connects with your target audience.

The content on paper. This is where everything comes together and production starts.

Three, two, one... ACTION! Our video crew gets to work creating your Gen Z content. This is where all the preparation comes together.

The material is assembled and processed.

With your feedback, we will dot the i's and cross the t's. 

Gen Z Marketing


Video productions by On The Rocks

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For companies that want to make strides. YSE places go-getters with companies and lets them grow that way. We were asked if we could make a video that could showcase their services in a high-profile way. The result: already 10+ new clients attracted with this video.

IW Nederland

IW is the training provider in electrical and installation engineering. We were given complete freedom to put IW's services on screen and what a result! Used as a brand movie and recruitment video,

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Fast - AFAS Live

Whether we could make a recap for Snelle's AFAS Live show, we call this a piece of art!

  • Expertise: from start-ups to multinationals.
  • See our diverse portfolio for inspiration.
  • Free consultation at our office.
  • Beyond film: also animation, sound design & voice-overs.
  • Sharp prices due to in-house equipment, film & audio studio.

Clients aka friends.

Community marketing

The power of social media in Gen Z Marketing

For the dynamic Gen Z Marketing, social media is as essential as oxygen. It is their digital playground, where they connect, create, and discover the world around them. From sharing the latest trends to making their voices heard, social media is their stage for self-expression and discovering new ideas. It is a vibrant, virtual hangout where they surround themselves with like-minded people.

Dive into the world of social media and you will find Gen Z Marketing everywhere. With over 85% logging on daily, it is clear that they dominate the digital scene. Instagram is their kingdom with over a billion monthly users, while TikTok is their playing field with an impressive 800 million users. Snapchat is still their go-to app, and Pinterest, oh Pinterest, is growing at an unprecedented rate with more than 400 million users.

Using social media for attention and engagement for your brand

To capture the eyes of Gen Z and connect them with your brand, rock social media like a pro. This tech-savvy generation, raised with fingers on their screens, swears by Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Do you catch their attention? They feast on visually flavourful, raw content. So, throw some eye-catching images, kick-ass videos and bright infographics into the mix to catch their eye.

And hey, interaction is key. Gen Z doesn't want a monologue, they want dialogue. Respond to their comments, throw in a poll or quiz, and watch them get involved in the conversation.

Then, enter the influencers. Gen Z loves them like we love good coffee. Collab with influencers who get your brand and let them tell your story. This not only lifts their interest to the next level, but also breathes life into your brand.

Innovative campaigns targeting Gen Z

Over the past few years, we have seen some real game-changers in the marketing world, aimed entirely at Gen Z. Take Adidas Originals with their "Create the Future" campaign - an outright hit! This campaign rocks the boat with its interactive augmented reality technology, allowing Gen Z'ers to design their own style in the Adidas app. Super cool, right?

And then Nike's "Make It Count" - a real showstopper. This campaign challenges Gen Z to share their goals and wins on socials with #makeitcount. Really, these campaigns understand what motivates Gen Z. They use the latest digital gadgets to create a personal and meaningful vibe. At On The Rocks, we are totally inspired by these innovative approaches and are eager to work with you to launch something just as cool.

Emerging trends in Gen Z Marketing

Gen Z, the digital pioneers and future consumer kings, are setting the tone in the online world. These TikTok titans, 60% of users, are constantly creating, consuming and sharing content. For them, it's all about authenticity; user-generated content (UGC) is their go-to, with 70% factoring UGC into their purchase decisions. For brands, this means capitalising on this trend with authentic, catchy and creative video content. Forget the days of celebrities with scripts; Gen Z wants to see real people sharing their stories. At On The Rocks, we understand this and help you reach this generation with content that truly resonates.


Frequently asked questions

Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, is the generation born between 1996 and 2010. This generation has an average attention span of about 8 seconds and has grown up in a world full of online marketing and influencers. To reach Gen Z, you need to adapt your marketing strategy to their platforms and behaviour. Leverage popular social media, such as TikTok and Snapchat, and invest in influencer marketing to capture their attention.

Generation Z is also called the "elusive generation" because they are hard to catch with traditional media. They have a unique view of the world and like to be advised by their friends. They are digital natives and have a strong affinity for content on the internet. Keep these characteristics in mind when developing your marketing campaigns.

Generation Z has an average attention span of about 8 seconds. This means you only have a short time to grab their attention and get your message across. Make sure your content is direct and engaging to hold their interest.

Influencers play an important role in Gen Z Marketing. Gen Z looks up to influencers and values their recommendations. Collaborating with influencers who are popular among Gen Z can help you raise awareness of your product or service and gain their trust.

TikTok is a very popular platform among Gen Z and offers great opportunities for marketing. Create creative and catchy content that matches Gen Z's interests and trends. Use hashtags and challenges to increase your reach.

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