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With a corporate video Boxmeer, you transform your brand story into a visual masterpiece that captivates, engages and convinces your target audience in today's competitive market.

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Having your corporate video made in Boxmeer

Welcome to On The Rocks, the specialist in producing corporate videos in Boxmeer. Are you looking for a creative and professional way to make your company more visible in Boxmeer and online in 2024? Then you've come to the right place. We'd love to tell you more about what a corporate video can do for your business and why On The Rocks is the best choice for your video project.

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What can a corporate video do for your business in Boxmeer?

A corporate video Boxmeer from On The Rocks can transform your business. This powerful tool takes your message to the next level, using visual and aural elements to highlight your brand and products. Together with you, we develop a video that not only stands out but also communicates effectively on your website and social media.

Our video marketing experts understand the importance of online visibility. We are passionate about creating content that lets your business benefit from the power of video. Our goal? To create a corporate video that makes your brand stand out and grabs the attention of your target audience.

Choose On The Rocks for a corporate video that sets your Boxmeer business apart, presents it convincingly and leaves a memorable impression. Let us bring your vision to life and make your business shine in the online world.

How can you get a corporate video Boxmeer made?

At On The Rocks in Boxmeer, we make your corporate video process simple and efficient. From the first no-obligation appointment, we dive into your ideas and needs, regardless of the sector. Our unique combination of creativity and technical experience allows us to create a video that portrays your company professionally and attractively.

We start with a thorough discussion to fully understand your vision, after which we develop a robust concept. Our production includes advanced shooting techniques, including drone footage, to produce a video that exceeds your expectations. We focus on content that captivates your target audience and facilitates a deeper connection with your brand.

Whether for your website, advertisements or other marketing purposes, we deliver impactful video content that makes your business stand out in the digital world. Partnering with On The Rocks ensures that your corporate video perfectly matches your brand identity and goals. 

Why choose On The Rocks for your corporate video?

At On The Rocks, we understand the importance of choosing the right partner for your corporate video, especially in Boxmeer. Our experts have the experience and dedication to produce a video that not only elevates your content but also precisely matches your needs and goals. As specialists in visual communication, we support Boxmeer businesses with corporate videos that communicate powerfully and effectively.

Our experience extends across all facets of video production, from concept to realisation, overlooking no detail to make your business shine. Whether for marketing, promotion, or internal communication, we capture your vision in a way that makes an impact.

Choose On The Rocks for a professional, clear, and results-oriented video production approach. With our help, your business will stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. We are not just your video production partner; we are co-creatives who work with you to maximise your online presence and impact.

What is the cost of a corporate video Boxmeer?

A corporate video Boxmeer can contribute immensely to your company's website and online visibility in Boxmeer. At On The Rocks, we consider your needs and requirements and offer tailor-made solutions that fit within your budget. Having a corporate video made is an investment in the visibility and growth of your business, and we will help you achieve maximum results. 

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Corporate videos by On The Rocks

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For companies that want to make strides. YSE places go-getters with companies and lets them grow that way. We were asked if we could make a video that could showcase their services in a high-profile way. The result: already 10+ new clients attracted with this video.

IW Nederland

IW is the training provider in electrical and installation engineering. We were given complete freedom to put IW's services on screen and what a result! Used as a brand movie and recruitment video,

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Fast - AFAS Live

Whether we could make a recap for Snelle's AFAS Live show, we call this a piece of art!

  • Expertise: from start-ups to multinationals.
  • See our diverse portfolio for inspiration.
  • Free consultation at our office.
  • Beyond film: also animation, sound design & voice-overs.
  • Sharp prices due to in-house equipment, film & audio studio.


Frequently asked questions

A corporate film is generally longer and more detailed, while a corporate video is shorter and more focused on conveying a specific message or mood.

A corporate film or corporate video can make your business visible online, give it a professional look, and attract potential customers through a visually appealing presentation of your company or products.

You can contact a video production company in the Boxmeer area, like us at On The Rocks, and request a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options.

On The Rocks can deliver different types of video productions, including commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and more, depending on your needs and goals.

By sharing a company video on social media platforms like Instagram, and using the right techniques and strategies, you can increase your company's online visibility and reach potential customers.

Rates for making a corporate film or corporate video vary depending on the technology required, the duration and complexity of the production. Contact On The Rocks for a tailor-made quote without obligation.

On The Rocks has a passionate team of professionals who brainstorm the end result, deliver professional audio and video productions, and make sure your business shines in the sun.

When working with On The Rocks, you can expect so much value that your business may not escape a boost in visibility and appeal to potential customers.

For local SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Boxmeer region, a company film or corporate video can help present their business to the municipality, and help attract local customers.

By showing what your company can do for customers and giving the right impression, a company film or corporate video can help attract potential customers.

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We will contact you within 24 hours, in which we will discuss all your requirements and be able to send you a no-obligation proposal that suits you completely.